Seattle Times

Mariela Camacho bakes the pastries of her youth — but with better ingredients and Washington flavors — and finds community through her increasingly popular pop-up bakery Comadre Panadería.

Ethnic Seattle

All the ingredients for Comadre were there, waiting for someone with the skill and passion to knead, fold, roll, and whip it into life… It was a hit with everyone but [Mariela] was especially proud of the huge support from the Latinx community, many of whom told her how they longed for the conchas and empanadas and galletas of their childhood. Some were moved to tears.


Proprietor Mariela Camacho has access to Amandine’s full spectrum of high-quality ingredients, and she pairs her treats with the impeccable coffee of nano-roaster Dorothea Coffee.

The Stranger

Delicious genius.

Seattle Met

A whole slew of Mexican pastries, which are made using local whole grain and stone-milled flours...Pro-tip: Get there early; things have sold out within the first few hours.

Seattle Spectator

There’s no need to feel guilty for eating delicious sweets for breakfast, especially if it’s for a good cause.